My Response to Robert Parry's April 9, 2014 Report on Bi-Parisan Hypocrisy in Congress Suppressing Truth of 1980 October Surprise
"...while H James Rand of Cleveland, Ohio was best man."
Reagan-Bush Ties to Iran-Hostage Crisis
April 9, 2014

Exclusive: The Senate wants to block Iran’s new UN ambassador because he was linked to the Iran hostage crisis 35 years ago, but that standard would strip honors from Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, implicated in extending the hostage crisis to win the 1980 election, reports Robert Parry........

My response to Parry, in the comments section of the article linked above,:

Tom Scully on April 10, 2014 at 4:20 am said:
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Thank you, Mr. Parry. I have quoted and linked your reporting on The October Surprise with research I posted yesterday. My focus is on the connection between
Casey’s friend John M Shaheen and 1958 defector to the Soviet Union, Robert Webster’s employer, H James Rand. Shaheen married in May, 1951. His best man was Rand. Shaheen’s sister Ruth was the wife of Hugh Downs. Shaheen and his bride honeymooned on Marathon Key in FL in a group organized by a Cleveland neighbor of Shaheen’s and Rand’s OSS friend, Dan T. Moore, brother of Drew Pearson’s wife, Luvie Moore Abell Pearson. Dan Moore’s next door neighbor was Yale Bonesman, Dr. George W. Crile, Jr., the father of the George Crile who worked as a journalist for Pearson and Jack Anderson and then for 31 years at CBS TV network and 60 Minutes. A CIA document. in Bill Simpich’s new book describes a plan in 1960 by Moore to go to Moscow with Rand to attempt to smuggle Robert Webster out in a car left in Moscow by Rand Development Co. Coincidence that all of these journalists, save the deceased Pearson, neglected to report on their own familiarity with John M Shaheen, or grave ethics breech? Was Shaheen involved in a defector program with H James Rand?,10365.msg304167.html

Given the familiarity of John Shaheen with the influential broadcast and syndicated journalists I named above, how could this be true, unless
it was deliberately contrived? Who did this manipulation and journalistic omission most benefit? Certainly not the American people!

{the khashoggi connection} {segment with barbara walters} (tv)
Museum of Television & Radio
Host Hugh Downs opens by questioning how the Iran-Contra arms deal got started, before offering some background information on Khashoggi.
Then, Walters ...

Chilton's Oil & Gas Energy - Volume 2, Issues 1-2 - Page 27
1976 - ‎Snippet view - ‎More editions
The only problem for Sha- heen-watchers, and his creditors, is figuring out how much Shaheen is worth,
and in precisely which assets at what time. It's been popular to characterize John Shaheen as yet another "man of mystery"
in a part of the ...

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