27 November Call to the FBI; An Ace In The Hole, Or Were Most Of U.S. Intel Depts. Patsified Along With Lee Harvey Oswald?

In the late 1970's, AJ Weberman pressed the US State Department Passport Office for the passport application of a man
who the FBI in 1964 reported as unable to find, non existent. The subject of interest was Winfred C. Barnes.
Weberman was unsuccessful, but years later he managed to liberate this document, hidden by the FBI and or the Warren Commission and not found among the HSCA or ARRB document records.:
(Disclaimer: I have no way currently to indepently verify the authenticity of this two page document, other than via AJ Weberman.)
Cover page: http://jfk.education/images/WilfredClarkBarnesSuppressedCall1.jpg

3 Pages: The FBI makes it very clear that it can find not trace of Wilfred H. Barnes or Wilfred C. Barnes:

The record of American holders of Mexican Visas include John Howard Bowen and Winfred C. Barnes on 26 September,
but not OH Lee, HO Lee, or Lee Harvey Oswald, so a witness such as Barnes could prove helpful, if needed later.:

After repeated requests. the HSCA receives only a list of Winfred Barneses From CIA, but no specifics:

Author John Armstrong provides background on Bowen and the problem of a lack of evidence of Oswald's actual presence.

Bowen was described as age 60 upon entering Mexico, on the same day as Barnes. Bowen/Osborne did not recall
seeing or talking to anyone who met Oswald's description, whereas Barnes phoned in an unsolicited sighting to the FBI.:

The background explaining why the government never revealed anything voluntarily about Barnes's 27 November, 1963 call.:

Helga Elizabeth Pope
DIED: June 7, 2014
LOCATION: Denham Springs, Louisiana

Helga Elizabeth Pope, age 68 passed away at her home surrounded by her loving family on June 7, 2014. She was born in Sugarland, Texas to the late Winfred and Lois Barnes in 1946.
Family, friends and faith were Helga's love and joy. She lived her life with vigor and always had a smile for everyone. Beautiful inside and out, her laugh and love were contagious. Her sweet disposition, strength and positive outlook were an inspiration to all.
Her childhood years were spent in Texas, Cuba then Miami, Florida where she graduated from Miami Palmetto High School. She went on to attend the University of Alabama and University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) where she studied Business......Helga is survived by her two loving children, ...., her sister Gretchen Barnes Annan of Fruita, CO and brother Winfred Clark Barnes Jr. of Tucson, AZ.......

Winfred Clark Barnes
Alabama, County Marriages, 1809-1950

Indian River, Florida, Death, Texas Burial :

Barnes, Maj Winfred Clark
b. May 1, 1912 d. Sep. 19, 1980

Father, Shaw Andrew Barnes Texas Death Cert., 1880 - 1923 :

Pg 9.....
BARNES, Winfred C. (Amer.); wife, Lois Helena Enquist (Amer.); ch.: Helga, Gretchen, Clark. Marketing Mgr., Esso Standard Oil, S.A. Edif. Alujor, N. y 23 Vedado. Tel. 30-3121. Apdo. 4087. Res. Ave. 13 y 202, Biltmore, Mar. Tel. 21-9888. Clubs: Petro., Hav. Bilt.; wife: W.

Did you notice or remember the business address in Coral Gables, FL displayed in the first document image in this article,
volunteered by Barnes in a call he allegedly made to the FBI that is not reported in the Warren or in the HSCA investigations?

Keeping Up on Cuba
A Listening Post in Miami
Justin F. Gleichauf
.....Drumming Up Business

I also set about contacting representatives of American business interests whose properties had been taken over, and received complete and enthusiastic cooperation, including detailed information on oil refining, mining, industrial production, and sugar plantations. One aircraft maintenance and repair facility in Miami still held a contract to service FAR, the Cuban air force, and Cubana, the national airline. Many military and civilian pilots reportedly were disenchanted with Castro. I passed the word along, and shortly thereafter Pedro Diaz Lanz, commander of the FAR; his brother, the Inspector-General; and several top pilots of Cubana defected, which infuriated Castro.

To become more available to would-be informants, I listed a CIA phone number in the telephone book, and passed around a lot of cards with my home number. I heard from a motley collection of weirdos, but it paid off many times......

Miami Herald Sunday, March 20, 2005
While JMWAVE was by far the biggest, it was neither the first nor the only CIA presence in Miami . That distinction belonged to Justin F. "Jay" Gleichauf, who arrived shortly after Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista fled into exile on New Year's Day of 1959. Gleichauf told his story more than 40 years later in an unclassified CIA publication. "I had no inkling [when Batista fell] that within two weeks I would be in Miami as head - and sole staffer - of a newly authorized office of the Domestic Contacts Division in the Directorate of Intelligence," he wrote.

Gleichauf opened an overt CIA office at 299 Alhambra Circle in Coral Gables. Its basic function was to be a Cuba "listening post." To aid his effort, Gleichauf listed a CIA number - but no address - in the phone book and passed out business cards with his home number, resulting in calls from "a motley collection of weirdos" as well as some irate Castro supporters.

There was "something like 700 exile groups," recalled Gleichauf. "One guy was head of something called AAA, and claimed they had 5,000 men under arms. They were ready to go as soon as they got the green light, . . . [they] made a lot of promises. It turned out to be completely ineffectual. It was all bull. The green light was money. It was a racket, one guy and his brother-in-law, and existed only on paper."

From his arrival in January 1959, Gleichauf did double duty for the CIA on the overt and covert side until the spring of 1960, when President Eisenhower authorized the operation that evolved into the Bay of Pigs. Shortly after the authorization, a CIA colleague from the Clandestine Service joined him in Miami to open the Western Hemisphere Division's new Forward Operating Base (FOB). His duties were to coordinate "all support, training and preparatory activities for operations against Cuba," according to a heavily censored and undated CIA review of the Miami Station declassified in 1995.

Bob Reynolds arrived to head the covert office in September 1960 and left a year later. The office, too, was initially in Coral Gables with "very thin cover," although Reynolds said he did not recall the address nor did he think it was then named JMWAVE.


By the time Reynolds departed Miami in the fall of 1961, the Bay of Pigs had failed, with planning for a new covert campaign against Castro already underway. Before his departure, Reynolds said he arranged to relocate the covert office from Coral Gables to the old Richmond Naval Air Station, the University of Miami 's secluded South Campus. .....

Luckily for those who later preferred to declare they could find no details about Winfred C. Barnes. the wire service (or the CIA)
altered his first name to read, "Winston," in this article.:

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