Predictions for 2015 and Beyond

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Predictions for 2015 and Beyond

Happy & Healthy New Year wishes to All!

Mark OBlazney
2015 A.D.

Where are these "predilections"?

Tom Scully
My first 2015 predictions

Hey Mark! I am predicting a slow recovery of ROKC membership, post move to their new URL.
I'm predicting Prof. McAdams will not be teaching again at
in 2015, the U.S. congress will not fail to entertain when it is not heaping stress upon us.
Gimme some more time, I'll try to come up with better predictions.....

I am hoping all is going well for you and T !

Mark OBlazney
2015 Predicaments

Thanks, Tom. Looking forward to more about Ms. Lambert and 'My Three Uncles'. There is a difference between re-discovering 'historical fact' and re-writing it. Takes time and effort, as you can attest. Great entries at Duncan's forum, bytheway. They were kind of dissing you at the ROKC. But you're used to that by now. Keep going. Don't stop. Breath deep.

Mark OBlazney

What can we expect from the soon-to-be declassified files as promised by the Kennedy Act? Any educated predictions?

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