Has Everyone Sold Out? More Questions than Answers About George White and James Phelan, et al

"Regular readers will recall that Morse Allen was also heavily involved with the CIA's ventures into hypnosis. Albarelli indicates that this was not Lafitte's only involvement in the Kennedy assassination. Lafitte, along with 'former' CIA agent Allan Hughes, broke into the office of Jim Garrison, the New Orleans District Attorney who investigated businessman Clay Shaw's ties to Kennedy assassination, in the midst of said investigation."

"Lafitte and Allan Hughes collaborated on another occasion in a very bizarre and revealing episode having to do with accused JFK assassination co-conspirator Clay Shaw... Hughes, Lafitte and investigative writer James Phelan --who some maintain was in league with both Maheu and the CIA --literally crawled into New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison's office to purloin documents having to do with Clay Shaw. Lafitte would later tell George Hunter White that the Garrison office break-in was 'maybe one of the only jobs I ever did that made me worry any at all.'"
(ibid, pg. 663)

McADAMS. Mrs. Anna Curtis McAdams, widow of William McAdams, died Christmas morning in Decatur, IL....Mrs. McAdams lived in Alton. Mrs. McAdams leaves four daughters, Mrs. Eugene Gaskins of Miami, Fla.; Mrs. J. H. Dickie of Decatur; Mrs. Frank A. Clifford of St. Louis and Mrs. Rupert Neely of Portland, Maine; and three sons, Clark McAdams of St. Louis, John D. McAdams of Alton and William D. McAdams of New York.... Jersey County News, 28 Dec. 1933.

(One non-descript, 1933 obituary, seemingly, in itself, indistinguishable from millions of others,
save for the names of some of the surviving children, daughter, Mrs. Frank A. Clifford, and sons John D., and William D. McAdams.
Mrs. Clifford was the mother of Clark M. Clifford, and Clark's uncle John, a partner of the Alton Telegraph newspaper, employed
James D. Phelan, and uncle William D. McAdams was the spouse of Marguerite and father of Joanne.

At the following link, read a presentation of Joanne McAdams's lawsuit against David Coit Davenport,
former CIA man (according to WC witness Sam Ballen, and partially supported in Davenport's obit) and
first cousin of Priscilla Johnson McMillan, and Davenport's close friend, step-father of Joanne, and pictured
in the page at the link below, sitting between Marina Oswald and Priscilla Johnson in a smiling snapshot
of October, 1964.:

ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 24, ig 4l PAGE EIGHTEEN A Very To Everyone From the ENTIRE STAFF Executives Paul B. Cousley.. John D. McAdams, Jr. Henry McAdams Advertising Department .... News Office ...James Phelan

Alton Telegraph - Feb. 4, 1946
Lt. Cmdr. Clark Clifford, a White House naval aid, is a cousin of Annamary Dickey, the Metropolitan opera star. . . (The mothers of both are former Alton girls—Bessie and Georgia McAdams.)

First Posted: 1/23/2011
The man wielding the pick is the late John D. McAdams, business manager of the Alton Telegraph. .....

Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2
Alton Evening Telegraph (Alton, Illinois), Monday, May 6, 1963, Page 2. ... Former Telegraph wire editor James R. Phelan of Long Beach, Calif, has been named ...

James Phelan; Investigative Reporter, Author
September 10, 1997
"He was a dying breed," writer Patricia Lambert, a close friend, ... "The world is a sadder, barren place" without him.

False Witness: The Real Story of Jim Garrison's ...
Patricia Lambert - 2000 - ‎Political Science
... splendid work, which made this a better book. I am grateful to George deKay for his faith in it—and
for changing his mind. ...

A year ago I posted this on McAdams' newsgroup. I had thought it odd that Lambert was
so close to Phelan, and had chosen to include the 30 year old accusations by one unidentified family, against Garrison, especially considering Phelan's role in New Orleans.
The regulars on the newsgroup replied that they could not grasp or see anything in my observation.:

Is Patricia Lambert a protected person? Is her name a legal change
Jan. 24, 2015
In October, 2013, John McAdams started a thread to call out Bob Harris
for comments Harris had made more than ten years earlier linking Lambert
with CIA.

In that thread, and in all other threads here that refer to Lambert, there
is almost no mention of her actual background. Folks who demand firm
evidence supporting every opinion or claim of those who McAdams paints as
"buffs" seem to fully buy into Lambert's unsubstantiated claims (supported
by 1993 interviews with anonymous "witnesses) of Jim Garrison's molesting
of a male child. Why is no one willing or possibly able to talk about
Lambert? She emerges from close friendship and an editing/research
collaboration with David Lifton. Has anyone seen her in a live
presentation, or fielding questions from a live audience or a broadcast or
podcast audience? Has anyone seen a photo of her? When did she change her
name from Patsy Ruth? I've taken the trouble to begin a biography of

Ms. Lambert.:

Lambert praises her publisher of "False Witness," George DeKay. Dekay
married Mary Elliman in 1954. Mary's brother, Edward was an usher in their
wedding. He was the son-in-law of Avery Rockefeller, and a close friend
(in his small St. Paul's form '41 class) of a recently deceased CIA
veteran who may have been the model for a main character in Mailer's book,
"Harlot's Ghost". This CIA veteran was married to a woman who worked, with
her cousin, in Angleton's WWII office, and later, at CIA.:


Call me a sceptic, but if I am reading a story of Garrison's molestations,
based on an uncorroborated interview attribute to anonymous sources,
written by an author of a background in the shadows and published by
George Dekay, brother-in-law of a close friend of a CIA station chief, I
want to know as much as I can about the author, a close friend of James R
Phelan who recounted unannounced visits to his home by Pierre Lafitte, and
who was close to Robert Maheu, and her publisher. You call us "buffs" but
we are as curious as you and your "unbuffs" are incurious. Are ou secretly
briefed on the bona fides of Patsy Ruth Billings Lambert, or do you
believe and defend her because you are so happy with what she has written,
well supported, or not?

G-Man Tells Stolen Art Deal - Chicago Tribune
(October 2, 1953) ... av. and Delaware st., Lafitte's name was given as Gus Manoletti of New York City.

A Terrible Mistake: The Murder of Frank Olson and the ...
H. P. Albarelli - 2009 -
...Phelan knew White long before he had ever spoken to Greenspun, and he met White, along with Lafitte, on several occasions well before the Las Vegas affair was ever conceived, but, of course, out of respect for both men, Phelan kept this to himself. His silence added to the mystery and intrigue that hung about the exploits of both men. After the Greenspun_Roxie case, Lafitte would visit Phelan at his California home. Phelan's wife, Amalie, a highly respected psychologist, recalled: It wasn't uncommon for Pierre to come by... but always unannounced, at anytime of the day or night. Jim didn't mind. He enjoyed his time with Pierre. They would sit for hour on end talking. Once, late, around midnight, I looked out the kitchen window and there was Pierre sitting on a bench in the back yard waiting for someone to him out there. It was Pierre--there one moment, gone the next.

So, who were these mystery writers? Lifton names only one - Patricia Lambert, author of False Witness: The Real Story of Jim Garrison's Investigation and Oliver Stone's Film "JFK".

It seems that Lifton knew and worked with Ms. Lambert for twenty-five years - "she was my best friend for quite a period of time," Lifton says. But then, something happened. In 1994, she cut her ties with Lifton, changed her views on the case, and wrote False Witness.

So, what does David Lifton have to say about Ms. Lambert's alleged involvement with Bugliosi's book?

"I’ve read the sections on [Jim] Garrison, this morning, and there’s absolutely no question in my mind that the hundred page section on Garrison was written by Patricia Lambert. Now, whether Bugliosi entered with his blue pencil and changed some paragraphs or did some editing – no question about it – it was written by her...


RIP, Patricia Lambert.