Rochester Friends met with Lee Harvey Oswald's Friend DeMohrenschildt Two Weeks After Oswald Shot at General Edwin Walker

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If you "worship" at this "church," Marina Oswald is one of the most reliable witnesses on earth and she testified that Lee Harvey Oswald shot at Gen. Walker on 10 April, 1963, in a "wednesdays only," premeditated plan.:

I am making the point, again, that if the Warren Commission sincerely believed that Marina Oswald was testifying truthfully, there would be documents indicating that Wubriny/1, aka Thomas J. Devine, who also, it turns out, "ran into" DeMohrenschildt and Charles on May 9, in between his known meeting with them on 26 April, 1963 and again a few days later. As you can see, Devine's reporting of this remained heavily redacted until 1999. Again, Devine's 1944 graduating class had ten members. Joseph Dryer had attended that school and his brother and Haiti farming partner. Peter had been in the same tiny class as Devine in the same tiny, K-12 private school until the end of ninth grade!

Ancestry of Rufus K. Dryer: with notes on William Dryer of ... - Page 29
Joseph Frederic Dryer - 1942 - ‎Snippet view
Peter Rawleigh, born May 19, 1926, who after preparing at the Allendale School, entered the Choate School, Walling- ford, Connecticut. ......

No documents have ever been disclosed indicating that Wubriny- Devine, Joseph F. Dryer, or NM Anikeefe were ever questioned about DeMohrenschildt indicating having foreknowledge and leaving Dallas almost immediately after Edwin Walker was shot at. There is also no record of Devine or Anikeefe being questioned by HSCA investigators who knew much more about what DeMohrenschildt knew in late April and in May, 1963, with regard to Oswald, his rifle, the backyard photo, and the attempt to shoot Walker. Joseph Dryer was called by the HSCA, but only because his CIA friend James Kelsey "Jake" Cogswell had reported Dryer's interaction with DeMohrenschildt in later years in Haiti. Thomas J. Devine seems to have spent the most tme of any CIA person with DeMohrenschildt so soon after he left Dallas, and CIA's Anikeefe was a friend of DeMohrenschildt. There is no record that either was ever asked if DeMohrenschildt gave any mention of the attempt on Edwin Walker's life or made any mention of Oswald, his rifle, or the backyard photo. Devine's fraternity housemate at M.I.T., Garry Coit. was interviewed by the HSCA, but only because he was Priscilla Johnson's CIA handler who met with her for two long session in late January, 1964, but did not discuss the Kennedy Assassination with here/ What did they talk about for all those hours? Coit's second wife and widow, Barbara was also CIA, and some of Devine and Coit's surviving fraternity roommates from 1944 to 48 still find time to visit with Barbara Coit.
Spring 2009 - Beaver Sig - Sigma Chi Fraternity - MIT
This being the first issue of The Beaver Sig ..... we visited Barbara Coit, the recent widow of another Alpha Theta Sig,. Garry Coit

Beaver Sig Vol. 1946, No. 1 - Sigma Chi Fraternity - MIT
school; Brother Coit enlisted in the Naval Radio Training Pro- gram. Fall Term, 1944. Shortly after the inception of the fall term of 1944, Brothers. Devine and....

Students Don Ear Muffs to Shut Out Band Music
‎Daily Boston Globe - Aug 14, 1947
Students Don Ear Muffs to Shut Out Band Music MIT students who ... one of 16 Tech students livings in the adjoining Sigma Chi fraternity house said the use of ... and shut windows so he could study or sleep Other student were Thomas Devine ..

try dated :: March 29, 1977 Palm Beach, Florida
George DeMohrenschildt:
The Man Who Knew Too Much

....... When Oswald arrived in Dallas, De Mohrenschildt paid a visit to his house because, he explained to me, he "assumed that was what Moore wanted." He then conducted an unwitting debriefing of Oswald — a subtle questioning in which the subject, Oswald, in this case, did not realize he was being debriefed.

As he won Oswald's confidence, he not only drew him out about his experiences in Minsk but, with flattery, he encouraged him to write a detailed memoir for publication in a magazine. He also offered to help edit and select photographs for it -- an offer that provided him with a plausible reason for continuing to probe Oswald's past. When he found out Oswald had written his memoir that described, among other things, his work in the electronics factory, he borrowed it from him and told Moore.

During that fall De Mohrenschildt also had introduced Oswald to potential employers in the electronics business. He said he wanted to stimulate Oswald to discuss his work in the Minsk factory, which he assumed would be of interest to Moore.

In mid March 1963, De Mohrenschildt got the lucrative Haitian government contract for which he had been waiting. He had assumed that it had been helped along by the work he was doing for Moore.

But it then became apparent to him that he had become a much closer confidant of Oswald than he realized. In early April, Marina gave him a curious memento from Oswald. It was an inscribed photograph showing Oswald dressed in black, holding, in one hand, the radical newspaper The Militant and, in the other, the sniper's rifle with the telescopic sight-- that he had shown De Mohrenschildt the week before. The photograph was signed "For George, Lee Harvey Oswald" and dated April 5th, 1963. Marina had derisively scribbled in Russian "Hunter of Fascists. Ha. Ha." That "Ha Ha" became less a joke to De Mohrenschildt on April 10th when De Mohrenschildt heard on the radio that a sniper had fired a shot at General Walker. Only a few weeks before, in the company of three young geologists, he recalled that he had heard Oswald single out Walker as a "fascist" that should be dealt with, and, when one the geologists egged him by talking of an assassination plot against Hitler, Oswald answered that Hitler should have been shot before he ever achieved power. He thus had a "pretty good suspicion who had taken the potshot" at Walker.

I interrupted. "So you knew Oswald had tried to assassinate Walker, what did you do about it?"

He said he immediately rushed over to Oswald's house to find out what had happened and if Oswald had disposed of the rifle. He recalled being very frightened, as was his wife, Jean. He feared that he could be implicated, and the CIA might cut off support for his Haitian contract. at risk, that night was the last time he ever saw Oswald.

I then asked him whether he had reported the assassination attempt -- and the telltale photograph --to Moore. He said "I spoke to the CIA both before and afterwards. It was what ruined me." If so, the CIA had in its possession information and a photograph identifying Oswald as a potential assassin some six months before Kennedy came to Dallas. But it was a big "if"-- and serious problems with the story he was now telling. Why had De Mohrenschildt not turned over this evidence to the FBI when he was questioned or to the Warren Commission when he testified? Concealing such evidence could be a crime-- especially since it could have shown that De Mohrenschildt and others had prior knowledge about Oswald's assassination potential. His prior failure to tell the FBI about the photograph even could be construed as a possible obstruction of justice. To be sure, part of his new story fit the established facts. J. Walter Moore was indeed in the CIA's Domestic Contact Service in Dallas which had responsibility for debriefing returning visitors from the Soviet Union that had potential intelligence of value. And Moore had been in contact with De Mohrenschildt. He had debriefed him in 1958 on his work in Yugoslavia which, according to CIA records, he had disseminated the resulting reports to ten government agencies.

There was also some indication the Domestic Contact Service in Dallas might have been asked to debrief Oswald. According to a memorandum given to the Warren Commission by the CIA, the CIA had placed a look-out card in his file after learning in 1961 he was returning to the Dallas, and a CIA officer recalled suggesting that Oswald and his wife be debriefed through the Domestic Contact Service. So it could have happened, but there was no documentation showing that Moore had received this heads-up, or had been in touch with De Mohrenschildt after Oswald had returned to Dallas in 1962. Was De Mohrenschildt now dragging the CIA into his relation with Oswald as a red herring— or had the Warren Commission missed a critical link between the CIA and Oswald? (This is the fourth post in our series. Link to first post.: )

I asked whether he had any proof the inscribed photograph existed. He offered to make the photograph available to men through his lawyer, Pat Russell, and I could verify the handwriting of Oswald's and Marina's. He then opened up his thick black address book and wrote out Russell's phone number.

It was now 1:30 p.m. and we decided to break for lunch. We agreed to meet again at 3 p.m. Just after De Mohrenschildt left the room I noticed that he had left his address book on the couch and mentioned it to Nancy. A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door. I realized he had returned for his address book which I handed back to him. It was the last time I saw him......

This is dated May 3, 1963, and describes's CIA agent Czajkowski's long meeetin with Clemard Joseph Charles, who then insists on introuducing Czajkowski to his close American friends, George and Jeanne DeMohrenschildt. On the page preceding the the linked pages, Czajkowski advises that Charles intemds to spend the coming weekend with Joseph Dryer in Florida.:

With her husband, Anthony F. Czajkowski, a Central Intelligence Agency official, she traveled extensively to Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Okinawa, Hong Kong during the war in Vietnam. Later, they traveled to Poland and Ukraine.


........In 1967, Jim Garrison asked the DOJ, in question 12 in the memo at the following link; "Is there any CIA association with George de Mohrenschildt?"
".....we are certain DeMohrenschildt received mail bearing the return address of a former CIA staff member, N.M. Anikeefe, you may know the case...";oq=&aqi=
The road to Dallas: the assassination of John F. Kennedy By David E. Kaiser
page 188

...While in Washington, de Mohrenschildt also took Charles to meet an old friend of his, Nicholas Anikeefe, who now worked for the State Department,
and Anikeefe took them to meet Senator Claiborne Pell, who spoke French.62 Two weeks later, on May 21, de Mohrenschildt was back in New York speaking
to a CIA contact codenamed Wubriny/1-- apparently a cryptonym for a business, possibly the Chase Manhattan Bank....

Is it only a coincidence that CIA's Anikeeff arranged for de Mohrenschildt and Clemard Joseph Charles to meet with Clairborne Pell, a cousin of CIA "asset" Tom Devine's (aka Wubriny-1) financial firm partner, John Train? Claiborne Pell and Train were also cousins of the wife of one of the seven WC commissioners, Hale Boggs.

Quote Books
The invisible government‎
David Wise, Thomas B. Ross - Political Science - 1964 - 375 pages

of CIA which my then area superiors, Frank G. Wisner, Richard Helms, John M.
Maury, Jr., and NM Anikeeff, felt had been mishandled by the personnel of the

Also there is a NY Times Obit on Nancy Hotchkiss Anikeeff, who was the wife of Nicholas M. Anikeeff (CIA case officer) and who died 10/8/2007 ...

I envy many of the members of this forum. They know Oswald acted alone, they can post what they know in a sentence and then go play a round of golf. If they knew more and dug thoroughly into answering the question, "how do I know what I know?," they might change to thinking they need to know more to be certain of Oswald's lack of accomplices or even his actual role. But Bush said, "IF Gerry Ford said it...."
Late at night sometime over these last fifty years, do you think George Bush ever opened another beer for himself and for Tom Devine, out in a boat, or sitting on the back porch, just the two of them, and turned to Devine and asked why he and his schoolmate Joseph Dryer spent so much time with George DeMohrenschildt in the days immediately after DeMohrenschildt quit Oswald and Dallas.
As I post before, Clemard Joseph Charles was well known. The Manhattan borough president met with Charles in 1961. ...another name in the April 30, 1961 article was Joseph Dryers' partner from Niagra Falls-Youngstown, J. Clarke Cassidy, Jr.


(125) Referring to de Mohrenschildt, Mrs. Matlack said, "I knew the Texan wasn't there to sell hemp."(126). Mrs. Matlack said she was so disturbed by de ..
See Successor To Jute Fiber . - Google News The Milwp://aukee Journal - Nov 9, 1958
Havana, United States businessmen think that kenaf, a reedy tropical plant, is well on its way to eventually replacing jute. ... Clarke Cassidy, jr., vicepresident of Product Tech niques, Inc., Hudson, Ohio, said the United States ... Joseph Dryer,